Kids in the Kitchen is made possible through funding by the Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation and Neighbourhoods Alive!

Join Mini University for an exciting food and science adventure with our new Kids in the Kitchen cooking workshops! The 6 different workshops run weekly on Tuesdays from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Global Market Kitchen (1202 Rosser Ave), from February 12 to March 19, 2019. You can join us for one or more classes, and each workshop will feature learning new cooking skills and fun connections to the science of cooking that are guaranteed to excite younger participants.

Registration is for children AND parents/guardians (or other adult relatives), with up to 2 children allowed per adult. Please note that adults MUST attend with their child(ren).

Tuition Fee: $20 per night, per child (one adult for up to two children is included for free).

If funding is a barrier, please check “I require a bursary” when filling out the online registration form, as there are some limited bursaries available.

To register, apply online via CampMinder:

Night 1 (Feb 12): Check Out That Chicken!

Participants in this lesson will learn how to prepare a whole chicken for multiple meals. To make efficient use of time, 2 whole chickens will be pre-cooked for use in the lesson, and participants will take part in cooking a 3rd chicken during the lesson time. From this lesson, students will take home portioned soup made from the chicken, 1 prepared meal made with chicken breasts, and portioned chopped chicken for future meals. Students will learn the various parts of the chicken and what meat from the chicken is best suited for. Chickens will be purchased locally from Luna Field Farms.

Night 2 (Feb 19): Lentils & Legumes

Participants in this lesson will make 3 dishes. Meals will include: a lentil soup, vegetable stir fry that can be prepackaged and served with any simple carbohydrate and finally a lentil salad. This lesson will be both vegetarian and gluten free, with vegan options explain within the lesson. Participants will learn the three common types of lentils available, what types of lentil dishes are common, and where to purchase lentils in bulk in Brandon. Should a donation be available, we will send participants home with dried lentils in addition to the recipes made in this lesson.


Night 3 (Feb 26): Life-Saver Lasagna

Participants in this lesson will make 3 types of lasagna, 1 vegetarian, 1 gluten free & 1 meat recipe. Students will learn how to make the recipes from start to finish and each group (up to 12 pairs) will take home ½ lasagna each.  (2 recipes of each will be made).

Night 4 (March 5): Breads, Loaves, and Time (the BLT lesson)

Participants in this lesson will learn all the tricks and trade secrets of how to make breads, loaves, and pastry. Time will be of the essence in this session, and participants will learn the difference between types of yeast, unleavened bread, and breads that use SCOOBY products, such as sour-dough. Quick breads, rising yeast based breads, and flat breads will be made in this lesson. Recipes for sour-dough will also be included.

Night 5 (March 12): Break-Fast (for people on the go!)

Participants in this lesson will make a variety of quick prep breakfast meals for kids (and parents) on the go. Recipes will include yogurt parfaits and fun twists on fruit and veggies for kids. Participants will take home prepared meals and or raw products donated by the public to prepare meals with at home.

Night 6 (March 19): Divine, Delicious, and Definitely Quick Desserts

Participants in this lesson will learn how to make a number of fun, quick, kid friendly desserts. Recipes may include dirty worms, Jell-O mold creations for any meal, healthy fruit based desserts, and simple stove top recipes that are fun for parents and kids to cook together. As in all the sessions, participants will take home portions of the desserts prepared.