Attendance: Check-in / Sign-out

When arriving at camp, make sure to check your child(ren) in each day, and sign them out at the end of each day. You or any adult you designate to pick up your camper may be asked to provide photo ID at any time.

If your child is unable to attend for any reason or period of time (illness, medical appointment, etc.), please contact us at 204-727-7311.

Nut-Free Camp

We do our best to ensure that students with nut allergies can enjoy Mini U to its fullest. You can help us by not sending food with your child that contains nuts (especially peanuts).

Refund Policy

Refunds, minus a $15.00+GST administration fee, will be given up to ten (10) days prior to the start of the registered camp week or program. A doctor’s certificate must be presented within 30 days of the cancellation date for refunds at any later date. For refunds of group registrations, or if you have any questions, please contact our Director at 204-727-9636.

Cancellation Policy

Mini University reserves the right to cancel individual courses, specialty camps, or programs due to a lack of registrations, funding and/or staff.

If a Junior program or specialty camp is cancelled, each participant will be notified by phone and any fees paid for that camp or program will be refunded in full. In the event that a Senior Mini U course is cancelled, participants will be placed in either their second or third choice classes, based on availability.

Discipline and Behaviour Management Policy

Above all, Mini U’s goal is for its participants to have fun in a safe learning environment. To ensure that everyone has fun, we do three main things.

1) Explain Our Rules

During the first class of any given course, the classroom rules and expectations are clearly defined. Participants are made aware that behaviours which cause emotional or physical harm to themselves or others, disrupt the camp, or damage facilities or equipment are not tolerated. Also, Mini U does not tolerate such things as bullying, teasing, racism, sexism, homophobia, or general intolerance.

Proper use and safety procedures are also explained and modeled in courses that employ sensitive equipment, musical instruments, chemicals, dissection scalpels, etc.

2) Train Our Instructors

We train our instructors in classroom management techniques and such behavioural management methods as reality therapy. Our instructors are also hired based on their experience and ability to relate to children and youth.

The reason for most problem behaviour can be quickly identified and addressed by the instructor within the context of the classroom, sometimes even before a problem occurs.

3) Enforce Our Three Strike Policy

If an issue is unable to be resolved by the classroom instructor, or if it is sufficiently serious, then the participant is brought to the Program Assistant (or the Director). A report on the issue is written by the instructor or staff member involved and given to the Program Assistant for review. Between the report and a discussion with the participant, the Program Assistant documents the situation and determines what action to take.

In most cases, a first strike is issued. The participant is informed why they have been given a strike, what they can do to prevent further disciplinary action, and that they will be removed from camp immediately upon being given their third strike. In the vast majority of cases, further action and strikes are not needed.

If the participant continues to act in a way that is against our rules and policies, then we proceed to give them a second strike. At this point their parents, guardians, or chaperones are contacted, Mini University’s Director becomes involved, and the concerns are explained.

In the rare situation when a third strike is needed, the participant is immediately removed from camp and released to their parents, guardians, or chaperones. Please note that refunds are not given when a participant is removed from Mini U in this way.

Based on the seriousness, and at the discretion of Mini U’s Program Assistant and Director, some misbehaviour (such as bullying or fighting) may immediately warrant a second or even third strike without previous strikes being issued.